TreeScapes Consulting

Needing the services of a Tree Consultant is a unique situation. A Tree Consultant serves many roles. From offering simple tree valuations to extensive urban tree management evaluations. There are many large-scale construction projects where tree resources can get lost in the complex planning and design stages. We can bring in the knowledge and experience to properly manage and offer guidance on any project. We bring a background of North Dakota values and North Dakota tree expertise. North Dakota’s tree wealth is in danger of age, diseases, mismanagement, misunderstanding, and insect invasions. We want to assist in any way we can to help North Dakota continue to grow and expand it’s tree assets.


Our Services

  • Urban Forest Management Plans
  • Long-Term Tree Planning
  • Tree Preservation Planning
  • Tree Salvage Strategies
  • Assessing and Inventorying Urban Forrest
  • Impact Studies
  • Risk Management
  • Tree Valuations
  • Appraisal Services
  • Project Management



Trees On The Move Inc is not responsible for any advice or planning offered from consulting. All consulting services are provided to the customer at their own risk.

Serving All of North Dakota

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