Moving Trees


At Trees on the Move Inc., we transplant trees. Small, medium or large. We install trees at your residence, business, golf course or park, after you have selected them from a tree farm or nursery. We also relocate them within your property.

We have acquired a great deal of knowledge about the tree moving industry during our 30 years in the business. For example, we have learned that with the right equipment and proper handling of the tree, trees of all sizes can be moved during all twelve months of the year. Please browse our equipment to learn more about the right way to move trees:

For those real big trees or to ensure transplanting success on average size trees, the Model 100 is used. This is the largest tree spade in the upper Midwest.
Pod trailers were developed by our company 20 years ago and are now widely used in the tree moving industry. This equipment gives us the ability to transport quantities of trees over long distances. We can dig and deliver trees, fresh from our nurseries to you!
For smaller trees moved on-site, we utilize a 42" skid steer mounted tree spade.

When you need a tree moved or installed, contact us, and we will make recommendations and quote you a price. Sometimes we can quote you a price on the phone, and sometimes we need to see the job to give you an accurate price quote.

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